Are Fake Teeth and Dental Prosthetics Used For Costumes Safe?

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If you want to dress up for Halloween as a vampire, then you’re going to need some fake teeth to complete the ensemble. Are such costume teeth safe? Generally, the plastic fake fangs that you can buy from stores are not going to damage your teeth. However, in certain circumstances problems can arise – often when people try to get creative with their costumes

While making your own fake teeth may seem like a DIY achievement, you should be careful. Teeth can be damaged by hard and abrasive materials. They can also be damaged by certain chemicals. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible pitfalls of your Halloween costume.

Plastic teeth are Best

Plastic teeth placed over existing teeth are the safest to use. Among the more seemless vampire teeth out there are fangs that are sold in two pieces and then adhered to your canines. They may look slightly better than cheaper plastic alternatives, but you must be very careful about using any form of adhesive on your teeth. Certain types of adhesive can damage previously done dental work and the adhesive itself may cause issues elsewhere.

A good general principle to apply would be to exercise extreme caution on teeth that you’ve recently had work done on. You don’t want to damage crowns, veneers, or braces, so those with that sort of dental work may want to choose a different costume for Halloween.

What About Denture Cream?

Denture creams are not traditionally used anymore. Today, dentures are fitted to your mouth and remain fixed without needing to apply adhesive. The adhesive itself has been known to cause some problems. Hence, you may want to be careful about using products like Fixodent for use on fake fangs.

Denture creams are not universally safe. In fact, these creams tend to contain zinc which may cause zinc toxicity in large doses. Obviously, this is more of a problem for those who use dentures daily than for those who use fangs annually. Nonetheless, it should be a consideration.

Other Considerations

Damage to the fanged teeth will also be a consideration. If the fangs are made of metal or a harder material they can damage your tooth’s enamel leaving discoloration. They can also cause cracks or chips.

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