Can Probiotics Improve Your Dental Health?

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Since the discovery of penicillin, antibiotics have been used to treat various forms of infection. However, one of the major drawbacks of antibiotics is that germs evolve much more quickly than multicellular organisms and can develop a resistance to these medications. This has forced doctors to be more cautious when prescribing antibiotics. Many forms of common infection remain highly resistant to most forms of antibiotics.

However, there is a promising alternative approach of reducing bad bacteria. This is through the use of something called probiotics. Probiotics are essentially living organisms that influence the ecosystem within your mouth causing the already present bacteria to compete against the probiotics for resources. Why is this beneficial? Because when bacteria that cause gum disease consume sugar in your mouth, they release substances that harm your teeth and gums. Meanwhile, probiotic bacteria do not. Below, we’ll explain this concept a little more thoroughly.

Gum Disease, Bad Breath, and Your Dental Health

Bad breath is one symptom of gum disease. Traditionally, gum disease can be treated with antibiotics eliminate or reduce infection, especially in tandem with other procedures. Unfortunately, bacteria can come back and may even become antibiotic-resistant. Furthermore, antibiotics kill all bacteria – not just the bad kinds.

Probiotics Versus Antibiotics

Probiotics, on the other hand, don’t kill bad bacteria directly. Instead, they keep bad bacteria at bay by competing for resources.

Your mouth is an entire ecosystem – like a forest. In a forest, you can have rabbits. A population of rabbits will quickly get out of control if they are left unchecked. But if there is a natural predator or other animals that compete for food, it can keep the ecosystem stable and in equilibrium.

Studies have shown that probiotics reduce the ability of plaque-causing bacteria to produce plaque. In sufficient quantity, studies have shown a remarkable reduction of plaque in those who regularly consumed probiotics.

Limitations on the Studies

Studies of probiotics are a relatively recent development as doctors look for new ways to fight persistent infections like gum disease. But the results are encouraging and will result in more research. Scientists have identified some probiotics that have beneficial dental outcomes and are working hard to discover more. For the time being, you can invest in probiotics to help fight bad breath, but don’t expect immediate results. It will take a couple of weeks before microorganisms can begin doing their job. Additionally, there are several probiotic foods you might consider adding to your diet.

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