Cosmetic Dentistry and Matching Tooth Color

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One thing many people don’t think about is that dentists have to match implants to the specific color of your individual teeth. Otherwise, you’d have one super-white tooth next to teeth that are a different shade. Thus, it is crucial for dentists to pay attention to pre-existing tooth color and finding the perfect artificial color match for their patients.

How do they do this? The technology for tooth color matching is about 50 years old. More traditional dentists still use the strip method for their patients. Essentially, it’s an identical method to the one used by the paint store. You have a number of strips of various colors, hues, and tones and you pick the one you like the best. The dentist picks the color that most closely matches your tooth’s shade.

Will crowns match the color of my teeth? Is this an effective method?

The traditional method is not fully effective and there are limitations to this method. There is a possibility that your new tooth or crown will look a shade off from the rest of your teeth.

Further, your teeth are different colors in different parts of your mouth. So the notion that your teeth are all one color is simply wrong and the color tooth you receive will be a rough guess. Lastly, an individual tooth likely has more than one color.

Is there a more effective method?

Yes. While picking a color from a tab may be fine for some homeowners, many want a unique color, especially one they saw elsewhere. Paint stores (and dentists) can now use cameras to determine the desired shade of your teeth and match them to a much larger collection of colors. While this method is not strategically different from the old school method, it has the benefit of giving the patient millions of more options than the ten or so offered by in the past.

There are other reasons why this method is more effective. Firstly, the dentist has to rely on his eyesight to match your teeth to the color scale (which only has about 8 or 10 different options). The lighting in the dentist’s office may impact the final outcome. You will be relying on the quality of your dentist’s eyesight to match your crown to your teeth.

The matching system also falls short because you are matching your entire tooth to one color. Meanwhile, teeth may have multiple colors and you don’t want one to stick out like a sore thumb. The new technology allows you to take a picture of an adjacent tooth and replicate a similar tooth with similar coloring. The method is much more effective because it can handle far more variables to produce unique crowns and implants.

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