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Investing in Dental Technology for Superior Care

Modern dentistry is always evolving, resulting in improved procedures and safer treatment. Peak Family Dental Care has heavily invested in advanced dental technology including digital x-rays, CEREC, Solea® dental lasers, and more to ensure our patients in Cottonwood and Flagstaff, AZ, have access to the best techniques and tools during their visit. Dr. Bryan J. Shanahan has been extensively trained in safe, precise procedures using these advancements and always seek to integrate them into our practice to enhance your experience.


How Does Dental Technology Improve Treatment?

Innovative dental technology has allowed us to improve various aspects of your treatment, not only in terms of efficiency but your safety and results. From proper diagnoses to precise placement of dental implants, our dental equipment plays an essential role in every procedure.

We also offer the latest laser dentistry using the Solea dental laser, which eliminates traditional drills for more precise, comfortable treatment. Using a laser typically results in less bleeding, faster healing, and an easier recovery. We believe that the advantages provided by incorporating dental technology throughout all aspects of our office allow us to improve our services at every level of care.

Diagnosis & Planning

Using a number of advanced assets, we are able to work with our patients to create a plan for their oral health by finding the best solution for their lifestyle.

Digital X-rays

In addition to reducing radiation exposure, digital x-rays are available immediately for review by your doctor and can be enhanced for clearer imaging. This feature can expedite diagnosis and allow for precise planning.

Cone Beam Scanner

These scans can produce 3-D images of your entire dental structure including nerve pathways as well as hard and soft tissues. These detailed images allows for more accurate and timely diagnoses as well as precise procedures such as dental implant placement.


Cavity detection is made easier with this tool that detects the earliest signs of decay. Your doctor will be able to see exactly where treatment is needed as the device uses laser fluorescence to highlight these instances. DIAGNOdent is a valuable tool for both our pediatric and general dental care.

Mountain Image

Our advanced scanning equipment allows us to make accurate diagnoses and perform highly precise treatment.

Dental Tools

3-D Implant Planning Software

Planning software can be used in conjunction with the images provided by the cone beam scan to aid in the placement of your dental implants. Your doctor can use this technology to create a surgical guide that will allow our team to place implants in very precise locations in your jaw, avoiding complications and extended recovery.

T-Scan™ Occlusal Analysis System

This tool can be used when diagnosing conditions such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder as well as to identify bite issues that may interfere with restorations. Your doctor can provide much more effective treatment and decrease the need for future adjustments.

BioJVA™ Joint Vibration Analysis

This device is worn by patients to detect friction and vibration within the joints. Based on the results, your doctor can identify TMJ disorder more accurately and determine the best treatment solution.

Improving the Treatment Process

We also aim to improve the efficiency of our procedures and patient experience using:


The CEREC machine allows us to accommodate the busy schedules of our patients. We offer same-day dental crowns to qualifying patients so that they can restore their smile as quickly as possible.

Solea Dental Laser

Utilizing laser technology, this device can replace a dental drill for virtually painless treatment. Laser dentistry allows us to provide much more gentle and efficient care to our patients.

Intego Dental Chairs and Delivery Systems

This high-quality system is designed to improve treatment for both doctor and patient. Ergonomic positioning, easily accessible equipment, and well-planned design can make procedures much more comfortable and efficient.


For advanced treatment of TMJ disorder, we can use the TruDenta system which has been compared to the comfort level of spa treatments. The device acts as a form of physical therapy using ultrasound, low-level cold laser, and more to treat TMJ disorders.

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