Dental Treatments and Traumatic Injuries in Cottonwood

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Injuries directly to the teeth are a common part of being involved in sports. They can also occur during violent encounters, car accidents, or just from missing a step on your way up the stairs. Regardless of how it happened, dentists can treat several common traumatic injuries, replacing lost teeth, fixing chipped teeth, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss common treatments for traumatic oral injuries.

Endodontists Specialize in the Treatment of Traumatic Mouth Injuries

If you’ve never heard of an endodontist, that means that you’ve probably never suffered damage to your teeth or mouth. Endodontists specialize in the treatment of traumatic injury and cracked or broken teeth. If your tooth has been chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it will be your endodontist who saves your tooth.

Chipped and Fractured Teeth

For those who have chipped a tooth or fractured a tooth, the tooth can easily be saved by a skilled endodontist. In some cases, the endodontist will be able to use the chipped part of the tooth to repair the tooth. In other words, the part of the tooth that’s broken can be reattached to the part that is still in your mouth. In other cases, the endodontist will need to use a false crown or cap to restore the tooth. Don’t worry! No one will be able to tell the difference between a false crown and a real tooth!

In some cases, the pulp may be exposed after a chip or fracture in the tooth. In that case, further treatment is required. You may need a root canal to prevent future damage and completely restore the tooth. This is especially true for the teeth found in the back of your mouth.

Dislodged or Luxated Teeth

Another common injury is luxated teeth. A luxated tooth is one that has become dislodged, usually by blunt force trauma, and is now impacting the surrounding area of the gums. The endodontist will attempt to reposition the tooth in the proper manner. If this is a permanent tooth, then a root canal will generally need to be performed. The tooth will eventually be filled and crowned.

Avulsed or Knocked-Out Teeth

If you enjoy hockey, chances are, you’re down a tooth or two. If you act immediately after the accident occurred, you may be able to save the tooth that has been knocked out of your mouth. You won’t have a lot of time, however—only about 30 minutes.

If the tooth can be saved, then it will be fixed back into position with a stabilizing splint for the next few weeks. You will later likely require a root canal.

If the tooth cannot be saved, then you should strongly consider a dental implant. Having missing teeth in your mouth can cause your individual teeth to drift apart. This creates larger pockets where plaque and tartar build up and this can cause gum disease to advance much more quickly.

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