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Perodiontal Care in Flagstaff, AZ

The gums provide protection and support for the teeth. That is why periodontal care is essential for achieving and maintaining good oral health. Dr. Bryan J. Shanahan at Peak Family Dental Care offers a wide range of periodontal treatments for families in the Flagstaff, AZ, area. No matter what your dental needs, we are well-equipped to handle them.

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A Full Range of Services

Dr. Shanahan offers a number of periodontal treatments at our office. These include:

  • Scaling and root planing: A nonsurgical procedure, scaling and root planing removes plaque deposits and bacteria that have accumulated beneath the gum line. In addition to eliminating these irritants, the roots are also smoothed to discourage bacteria from accumulating again.
  • At-home periodontal trays: We may recommend some patients complement their dental cleanings with at-home periodontal trays between visits. These devices can be filled with anti-inflammatory medication and inserted into the mouth for a prescribed amount of time each day.
  • Periodontal surgery: If gum disease is too advanced to address through nonsurgical means, periodontal surgery may be recommended. During this procedure, the gums are gently moved away from the teeth, the infection is cleaned out, and the gums are repositioned and sutured into place.
  • Laser gum surgery: In some cases, periodontal surgery can be performed with our Solea® dental laser. This treatment is less invasive than traditional gum surgery, reducing the risk of bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

At Peak Family Dental Care, we also offer sedation for your comfort and relaxation. Patients can choose nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or intravenous (IV) sedation which can be administered by a local dental anesthesiologist.

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Gum disease is characterized by several symptoms, but early stages might not be obvious to the untrained eye.

Benefits of Proper Periodontal Care

When it comes to gum disease, the earlier the condition is treated, the better. Proper periodontal care can:

  • Eliminate unpleasant side effects: By eliminating infection at its source, most symptoms can be addressed almost immediately, including bad breath and bleeding gums.
  • Improve your eligibility for aesthetic treatments: Gum disease can hinder the long-term success of porcelain veneersdental implants, and other procedures. Once you address the problem with periodontal care, you can focus on making your smile look as good as it feels.
  • Minimize long-term cost: When gum disease is addressed during the early stages, it can reduce the need for more invasive treatments in the future, saving you money in the long run.
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Learn More about Periodontal Care

Do bleeding, swollen, or tender gums keep you from smiling? If so, periodontal care can treat and reverse the condition, improving your overall oral health for many years to come. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment at Peak Family Dental Care, call us at (928) 774-2500 or contact us online.

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