Loose Teeth After Injury: What You Need to Know

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Teeth can become loose for any number of reasons, but the two most common are gum disease and direct trauma to the tooth. Direct trauma tends to occur after sports-related injuries, especially hockey. However, it can also occur after a bar fight, a car accident, or some other form of direct trauma to the tooth. It is typical in these situations for the person with the damaged tooth to head straight to the dentist. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury and the extent of the damage to the tooth, your dentist can fix a loose tooth.

When Should I Treat a Loose Tooth?

Those with loose teeth should seek the help of a dentist immediately. Unless you’re very young and haven’t received your permanent set of teeth, there is no good reason that your tooth should be loose. Your dentist will look at the tooth, determine if it can be saved, and then recommend a course of action that could include either replacing the tooth or doing nothing at all.

Teeth Are Loose After Injury: What Will Your Dentist Do?

If the tooth has been knocked out, it’s often possible to reimplant the tooth. But the tooth and patient must be brought to the dentist as quickly as possible. Only then can the tooth can be reimplanted into the gums.

The key for a successful reimplantation is keeping the tooth alive by keeping it moist. Milk can be used to transport knocked-out teeth to the dentist for treatment. When possible, the teeth can also be stored in your mouth on the way to the dentist. This will lengthen the life of the tooth after it has been knocked out of the mouth.

If the tooth is not knocked clean from the mouth and is just a little loose, it may not be necessary to perform any kind of surgery. Instead, doctors will recommend that patients wait two weeks and eat a soft diet while the body repairs itself and the tooth.

Fixing Teeth That Have Been Knocked Out or Chipped

Sometimes the tooth cannot be saved. In other cases, the tooth is chipped and must either be repaired or replaced. Cracked teeth as well present problems for mouths. Your dentist will examine the area to determine if the tooth can be reimplanted. If it can’t, it may be replaced with a dental implant.

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