Protecting Your Teeth While Playing Sports

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Playing sports is a lot of fun. However, losing a tooth isn’t. Your teeth need to be protected even if you don’t play hockey. Baseball, football, and even basketball will have incidents of contact that can jeopardise your pearly whites. If you’re a professional, the cost to you is minimal. If you are a youth athlete, the cost to your parents is exorbitant. In fact, it’s 20 times more expensive to replace a tooth than it is to purchase a well-fitted mouthguard. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to protect your teeth during sports.

Hockey and Teeth

If there’s one sport that’s singularly associated with the loss of teeth it’s hockey. Of course, that reputation was gained during a period where players weren’t even required to wear helmets. If the chances of taking a puck to the brain weren’t enough to inspire a player to wear a helmet, the threat of losing a tooth wouldn’t do much either. Nonetheless, all players out on the ice now wear helmets and mouthguards.

Today, football players also wear mouthguards. There is, of course, less concern that a hard projectile will strike them, but jaws clench during impact and this can result in chipped teeth. The question then becomes: How do you choose the right mouthguard?

Choosing the Right Mouthguard

Here’s a plain fact. The best mouthguards are the ones that fit the best. So how do you get a mouthguard that fits your unique dentition? You have it made. Professional athletes will have their mouthguards custom made to fit their mouths. You may be concerned about the cost, but it’s still cheaper to buy a mouthguard than it is to replace a tooth! Additionally, the quality of the mouthguard depends on becoming a larger extension of your mouth. If it’s rattling around in there, the chances are good that it isn’t reducing potential harm as much as it could.


If the idea of playing baseball, basketball, or cycling with a mouthguard in sounds a little over the top, that’s because it is. You don’t need a mouthguard to play these sports, but you do need a helmet that is capable of absorbing impact. Even with solo sports like cycling, the lack of a helmet can result in life-long injuries and permanent impairments.

A quality helmet fits your head snuggly. Again, you want to minimize the amount of rattling around. The idea is that the helmet absorbs the majority of impact or at least minimizes the damage the impact does.

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