Review From A Sedona Patient

Recently Peak Family took over the practice of our previous dentist. what a blessing. my husband had a root canal gone bad that really needed to be handled. I insisted that he should have the tooth pulled and get rid of the infected root canal, but the previous dentist wouldn’t touch it. We struggled getting quotes from dental surgeons for the past couple years but nothing felt right. one consultation with Dr. shanahan and we felt he was the one to handle this ABSCESSED, curved root mess. Dr Shanahan made it look easy, even used Hubs own PLATELETS from his own blood for the bone grafting, got the implant stud installed, stitched him up as the ABSCESS was way worse than originally thought, Much bone was eaten away. After all that and Hubs says no pain!!! How does that work?? no clue, but we feel so blessed to have had Peak Family dental move into our town.

Lana & John L.