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Sedation Dentistry in Sedona, AZ

We Offer Sedation Dentistry for More Comfortable, Relaxed Treatment

Dentophobia is the irrational fear of the dentist. It’s irrational because your dentist is ostensibly there to ensure that your oral hygiene is in perfect order and allow you to live a long happy life with beautiful sparkling teeth. Yet even the rational knowledge that dental treatment will do far more good than harm is not enough for some folks to overcome their fears. For these people, we work with an anesthesiologist to provide IV sedation or administer nitrous oxide.

Being afraid of the dentist is no excuse not to have regular treatment. Dental problems are cumulative and over time, they can have a devastating effect on your oral hygiene and overall health. Talk to Peak Family Dental Care today to assess your options if you’re afraid to have necessary treatment.

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Custom Sedation Tailored to You

Sedation dentistry uses anti-anxiety and other sedative medications to complete dental procedures. Sedation can be used to help patients relax during treatment and each type of sedation has different effects. We offer our patients three types of sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is a great anesthetic. While it won’t treat pain, it will calm you down considerably and many patients elect to have it administered during their treatment. The doctors will administer a reasonable amount so that you can remain aware of your surroundings and can respond to instructions. Nitrous oxide has the advantage of leaving your system fairly quickly.

Oral Sedatives

You have the option of taking oral anti-anxiety medications prior to any procedure. These offer a mind-tingling numbness and heavy sedative effects. While you will remain awake during the procedure, chances are, you won’t remember much of it. Your doctor will discuss what dosage and amount is appropriate for your situation. The sedative takes about 30 minutes to an hour to begin taking effect.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may take your oral sedative as early as the night before your procedure or just 30 minutes to an hour prior. You can discuss what dosage, amount, and time would be best with your doctor during your consultation.

Intravenous Sedation

Nitrous oxide takes effect instantly, but oral sedatives need to be digested and processed by your body before they can kick in. That’s not the case when the sedative is administered directly into your bloodstream. IV sedation induces a fast-acting tranquilizing effect. Most patients won’t remember much about the procedure after it was performed. But isn’t that the point?

Pain Relief

Sedation will relieve your anxiety, but they don’t address pain. At Peak Family Dental Care, we still use local anesthetics to relieve pain. After the procedure, you may want to try over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication depending on how bad your pain is.

After Your Treatment

The safety of our patients is very important to us. If you are planning to undergo oral conscious or IV sedation, you will need to arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home from your appointment. You should avoid operating any heavy machinery for 24 hours and contact us in the case of any side effects.

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Gentle, safe sedation can help you relax and remain comfortable during your treatment.

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Best Candidates for Sedation Dentistry

Anyone is free to use sedation during their procedures. However, insurance typically won’t cover the cost unless there is an established need. Some folks will qualify for sedation. These typically are:

  • Special needs patients
  • Children
  • Patients undergoing oral surgery
  • Those who have difficulty remaining still

Chances are, if you’re undergoing a lengthy procedure such as the installation of dental implants, you will likely want to have a sedative. Sitting their very still while someone pokes around in your mouth can be, admittedly, nerve-wracking.

Peak Family Dental Care Improves Your Comfort at the Dentist

Our patient’s comfort is a major priority for us. We know that going to the dentist is scary and unpleasant. We also know that there are a number of technologies that make the process less painful, less invasive, and less scary.

As an example, we can use the Solea® laser to replace the need for a dental drill. It eliminates painful vibrations, scary noises, and unpleasant friction. Laser dentistry has afforded us the ability to complete procedures without drilling at all and the best part is, it’s virtually painless. That means we don’t have to use the big scary needle to inject a local anesthetic into your gums.

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Experience Comfortable Care

There are a lot of people out there who are afraid to go to the dentist. They let their oral hygiene slip for years until it gets to the point where they can no longer avoid it. They end up having to get very invasive, very aggressive treatments to repair the damage done by neglect. In every case, it would have been better just to have the procedures done on a routine basis. Regardless, there are options available if you have an uncontrollable fear of dentists. Our powerful sedatives will alleviate your fear and let you get the procedures you need without jumping out of your skin. Talk to Peak Family Dental Care today to discuss your options.

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