Should Adults Get Braces/Orthodontic Treatment?


While the majority of patients who receive braces are children or teenagers, a growing number of adults are choosing to have their teeth aligned later in life.

While many people think braces are only a cosmetic treatment, the truth is that gaps between your teeth and a misaligned bite can cause serious health problems later in life. These health problems can be corrected with braces. In this article, we’ll discuss benefits and considerations for adults looking into getting braces.

Should I consider getting braces as an adult?

There is no reason not to consider braces as an adult. While you may want to opt for invisible aligners or some other form of discrete retainer, adults run no more risk than children do when it comes to braces. Further, adults tend to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay with more frequency than children, largely because their mouths have sustained the bacteria for a longer period of time.

While braces do make your teeth look better, they also address key issues in your teeth that result in tooth decay and gum disease. Those who have regular headaches resulting from TMJ will also see their symptoms abate once their teeth are aligned properly. In other words, adults get more tangible benefits from braces than children do.

Aligners versus braces

For any of a number of reasons, adults may not want to show up at work with a mouth full of metal. There are two considerations here. One, some adults will have advanced gum disease and tooth decay that needs to be treated prior to getting braces. The other consideration involves a choice between braces and aligners.

Braces are metal wires that slowly pull your teeth into the correct shape. Aligners work differently. Your dentist will make multiple molds of your teeth. The first mold with look substantially like your regular teeth, while the last mold will look the way your teeth are supposed to look. The molds are replaced periodically, shifting your teeth to a better position.

For aligners to work, your teeth have to be in fairly good shape already. For extreme cases of misalignment, braces will likely be required.

The bottom line

As an adult, there is no good reason to not pursue orthodontic treatment. Your dental health is very important. Gum disease and tooth decay can cause serious infections in your lungs and heart. Braces can prevent future tooth and gum disease by making the openings between your teeth smaller. Furthermore, braces can be just as effective for adults as they are for younger people.

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