The Benefits of Custom Dental Treatments and Appliances


One of the latest trends in dentistry today is the use of custom-built dental products and treatments, such as custom mouth guards. These mouth guards can be worn while sleeping and can fill the same function as braces. But there’s more. Mouth-guards and aligners are now also used for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of custom dental treatments over traditional treatments.

Custom Invisible Retainers versus Braces

Not only are braces expensive, but they’re very noticeable. For that reason, most Americans would prefer another solution, especially adults. Invisible retainers have taken over the market. They are created from molds that slide over your teeth. The molds are replaced over time. The first mold looks very similar to your teeth. The last mold looks very similar to your ideal teeth. The retainers are worn whenever you’re not eating.

Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that claims lives every year. It is generally caused when a patient stops breathing for a period of time while they’re asleep. This prevents them from getting a normal night’s rest and can damage their brain and heart due to a lack of oxygen. The most common treatment for sleep apnea is, of course, the CPAP machine. The CPAP machine operates on a forced-air system that ensures that air is making it to your lungs all night long.

Many patients learn to like their CPAP machines, but most don’t. It’s a cumbersome rig that operates like a mask over your face. While many do learn to live with their CPAP machines, others find it difficult to fall asleep while wearing the mask. After a few nights of not being able to fall asleep, they simply abandon the machine and deal with the consequences.

But there is an alternative. Dental appliances can be used for sleep apnea, and they have shown themselves to quite effective. Instead of a forced-air system, the dental appliance helps keep your airway open simply by manipulating your mouth to prevent the airway from closing.

Dental appliances for sleep apnea have proven to be a good alternative to the CPAP machine. These appliances are made specifically for an individual patient’s mouth, increasing comfort, and removing the type of discomfort that many feel while using a CPAP machine. Further, dental appliances are easier to transport, don’t make any noise at night, and also help prevent snoring.

Dental Appliances for TMJ

TMJ disorders are related to your jawbone, but they can cause ringing in your ear, intense headaches, and other types of discomfort. One solution for TMJ involves mouthguards worn at night to prevent grinding or other activities that cause inflammation to surrounding areas. TMJ appliances reduce pressure on the jaw by realigning your bite. The dental appliance doesn’t prevent teeth grinding, but when you grind your teeth at night, the soft appliance will cause less damage and align the teeth so it doesn’t cause inflammation in your jaw.

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