Treating Cracked Teeth In Flagstaff

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When most people think of cracked teeth, they think of hockey players who’ve taken one too many pucks to the mouth. While it’s true that teeth can crack due to direct trauma, sometimes teeth crack due to general wear and tear. When they do, they can cause the same sort of pain as a cavity. Worse still, they can be more difficult to find. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of cracked teeth and how they’re treated.

Endodontics: Saving Injured Teeth

Endodontists specialize in saving damaged teeth. The type of treatment they provide will depend on the severity and location of the crack. The worst-case scenario for a seriously damaged tooth is extraction. But it is necessary to treat the issue as quickly as possible if you want to save your tooth. The various treatments for crack teeth almost always allow the tooth to function at 100% capacity.

Types of Cracked Teeth

Dentists refer to teeth as having different types of cracks, because treatment differs based on the type of damage your tooth has sustained.

Some types of cracks you can safely ignore. Dentists refer to these as craze lines. They are so small, that they don’t place the tooth in peril and generally do not cause pain. Craze lines can be safely left untreated.

Another type of crack that doesn’t require treatment is called a fractured cusp. This type of crack occurs around a filling and because it doesn’t cause pain, it’s usually left untreated.

Generally, teeth that have cracks that do not extend below the gumline are salvageable. Those with cracks that extend beneath the gum line are more difficult, if not impossible, to save. Promptly treating a crack increases the likelihood a tooth can be saved. Similarly, a vertical root fracture begins below the gumline and moves upward. Unless the tooth becomes infected, there usually isn’t any pain. However, the course of the cracking makes the tooth very difficult to save.

Treatment for Cracked Teeth

If the tooth is salvageable, there may be many treatment options depending on the location and size of the crack. Methods for saving a tooth may include:

  • Bonding – The crack is filled with resin.
  • Crown – A crown is made of ceramic or porcelain and is fitted atop a damaged tooth.
  • Root canal – Infected pulp is removed from the tooth and a temporary filling takes its place.
  • Extraction – When all else fails, the last option is to pull the tooth.

If the tooth needs to be removed, it can be replaced with a lifelike prosthetic dental implant which will restore all of the functionality of the lost tooth.

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