Understanding & Treating Microdontia


Microdontia is a condition that affects one or more of your teeth. Instead of a normal-sized tooth, you have a small peg-like tooth. In some cases, the condition affects all your teeth, but this is exceedingly rare. It is much more likely that you will have one or two teeth that don’t look like the other ones.

Pegged teeth are aesthetic concerns for a lot of patients, but they can also have health effects. Since they’re not shaped like the rest of your teeth, they can leave gaps that increase the rate of tooth decay.

What causes pegged teeth?

Pegged teeth can be caused by any of a number of genetic or acquired conditions. What the underlying cause of your pegged teeth is will require testing to determine. Generally speaking, you can blame your parents for your pegged teeth. There is no way to prevent them, but there are options for restoring your perfect smile.

Dealing with pegged teeth

Pegged teeth are basically malformed teeth, so they can be treated the same way that any chip or break in a tooth can be treated. Fortunately, there are fewer complications related to pegged teeth because you still have a whole tooth in your mouth, it just doesn’t look like the other ones. So, the general strategy for dealing with a pegged tooth or a couple of pegged teeth would be the same as managing a chipped tooth: A crown.

  • Crowns – Dental crowns are often the go-to option for pegged teeth. Essentially, a cap is placed on the pegged tooth to make it look like the other teeth.
  • Veneers – Those with damaged teeth can also choose veneers that have the benefit of giving you a uniform-looking smile. Instead of repairing one tooth to make them look like the others, you create a strip that adheres to and covers up your real teeth.
  • Bridge – A bridge can be used to achieve the same effect. It is especially useful in cases where two or more pegged teeth are set up in a row.
  • Bonding and reshaping – In some cases, a dentist may be able to add synthetic material to the tooth to make it look like the other teeth.

Health issues related to pegged teeth

Most folks will not experience any oral health issues related to microdontia, but all misshapen and malformed teeth can lead to premature tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues. Microdontia is less likely, however, to cause these issues than chipped or missing teeth.

The majority of folks who seek treatment related to microdontia are looking for cosmetic services. Peak Family Dental Care in Cottonwood is proud to offer a number of cutting-edge options to our patients. If you suffer from microdontia or any of a number of other cosmetic concerns, the compassionate staff at our locations can offer a range of options to meet every need. Call today to schedule an appointment with our microdontia dentists in Cottonwood, AZ.

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