What is Hydroxyapatite in Toothpaste?


For those who are worried about overexposure to fluoride, there is another option and early studies indicate that it may actually be better than the standard fluoride treatments we find in traditional kinds of toothpaste. It is called hydroxyapatite and it’s a mineral that makes up 97% of your tooth enamel. The mineral is also found in bone. Many people prefer using more naturally-derived ingredients. Nothing is more natural than using the minerals that make up your teeth and bones to remineralize your teeth and bones. Research involving hydroxyapatite is currently determining if the mineral can help with bone loss. In other words, this is a big deal in the medical field and can help everyone from those who’ve lost a lot of tooth enamel to those who have suffered significant bone loss. But is hydroxyapatite safe?

Hydroxyapatite “remineralizes” teeth

Over time, you will lose tooth enamel. That’s why your parents’ teeth seem so discolored. They’re actually colored properly, but tooth enamel is whiter and harder than other tooth materials giving the tooth a discolored appearance. While you can never get back the enamel you lost, you can make the remaining enamel stronger through the process known as remineralization. Hydroxyapatite toothpaste contains tooth minerals that help remineralize teeth, making the existing enamel stronger and making it less likely that you will continue to lose tooth enamel.

What’s wrong with fluoride?

You may have heard conspiratorial stories about fluoride. Like most conspiracies, they’re based on real science that has been taken to an extreme. Fluoride is toxic in large doses and some municipalities add fluoride to the water. When taken in combination with other fluoridated substances it can, sometimes, be too much, especially for smaller bodies.

On the other hand, fluoride is one of the few substances that can strengthen teeth enamel so its use has become a staple of American dentistry for decades. It’s resistant to conditions in the mouth that cause other materials (like calcium) to break down. In fact, fluoride was the best option until recently and remains an extremely effective tool to prevent tooth decay.

Which is better, Fluoride or Hydroxyapatite?

Early studies indicate that hydroxyapatite will likely replace fluoride in standard toothpaste within the next two decades. It is less likely to be toxic and just as (if not more) effective at tooth remineralization. As of yet, studies have not shown any indication of any toxic effects from using hydroxyapatite toothpaste. So with reduced risk and better efficacy, hydroxyapatite toothpaste is simply better.

Hydroxyapatite whitens teeth, strengthens tooth enamel, reduces the risk of cavities, and actually helps heal cavities that are beginning to form.

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