What Is Tooth Recontouring?

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Tooth recontouring is an aesthetic procedure that is used to reshape chipped, damaged or otherwise uneven teeth. For some folks, teeth symmetry is a serious beauty issue. If one small imperfection is preventing you from having the perfect smile, tooth recontouring represents one of the safest and least invasive ways to correct that imperfection. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the details surrounding tooth recontouring and why patients ask for the procedure.

What conditions can tooth recontouring correct?

Tooth recontouring is appropriate for a number of small imperfections in the teeth. These include:

  • Small chips
  • Smoothing grooves or pits in tooth enamel
  • Reshaping irregularly shaped teeth
  • Adjusting the length of teeth
  • Making teeth less fang-like

Of course, these are only aesthetic considerations. Many ask whether or not tooth recontouring can have an overall benefit on their oral health. The answer is yes, with some caveats.

Oral hygiene benefits of tooth recontouring

Tooth recontouring can have oral hygiene benefits that often get overlooked due to the majority of patients requesting the procedure for aesthetic purposes. In some cases, a jagged or out of place tooth makes it easier for plaque and tartar to built up, making it more likely that you will develop gum disease and related problems. Tooth recontouring can, in some cases, correct gaps between teeth or overlap that makes it easier for the bacteria that causes gum disease to thrive.

Analyzing your options

Tooth recontouring is among the safest and cheapest options for patients who want minor work done on their smiles. This makes it one of the most frequently requested procedures. While tooth recontouring will not be appropriate for all dental problems, it’s a good first option when it is available to you.

Benefits of tooth recontouring

The largest benefit of tooth recontouring is that it is safe and cheap. The entire procedure can be done in one appointment and takes under an hour to complete. Once the procedure is done, you will not need to follow up. Because the treatment only targets enamel, you will not feel any pain during or after the procedure.

Considerations before choosing tooth recontouring

The biggest issue with tooth recontouring is that it removes tooth enamel which will never grow back. This assumes that you have enough tooth enamel to remove without severely damaging the tooth or exposing what’s beneath the enamel, which would cause discoloration and damage the tooth. In other words, those with strong tooth enamel are candidates for the procedure while those with little or no tooth enamel would likely need to weigh other options.

After the procedure, you will need to adjust the way you brush your teeth. Since the enamel is thinner, you don’t want to lose what’s left by vigorously brushing it off. That means low-abrasive pastes and soft brushes. Be sure that when you’re brushing your teeth, the toothbrush bristles are bent as little as possible.

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