What You Need To Know About Teeth Discoloration

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Tooth discoloration can happen any time you eat certain types of food that are high in chromogens. Typically, you would simply brush your teeth to restore them to their natural glory. However, tooth discoloration can also be a sign that you’ve lost a considerable amount of enamel. The loss of enamel makes your teeth easier to stain.

Three Types of Tooth Stains

Tooth stains can be divided into three categories. There are extrinsic stains, intrinsic stains, and age-related staining.

Extrinsic means that it’s on the outside. Extrinsic staining occurs when you consume food or beverages that are high in chromogens. Tobacco resin is also a common cause of discoloration. These can generally be brushed off with little effort. Those who don’t brush regularly, however, will see that the staining becomes more apparent over time.

Intrinsic stains are located within the tooth. This type of staining can be caused by certain medications, direct trauma to the tooth, too much fluoride, or genetics.

Lastly, when you age, you naturally lose some of the enamel on your teeth. This will make the tooth easier to stain and cause it to lose its shiny white appearance.

Food, Drink, and Tobacco

Certain types of foods are much more likely to stain teeth than others. These include some of your favorite things such as wine, red sauces, black tea, coffee, and chocolate. Tobacco stains teeth by leaving resin from the smoke as a residual on the surface of the enamel. Eliminating or greatly reducing foods or habits that cause tooth discoloration usually help.

To get rid of the stains that are already there, dentists perform tooth-whitening treatments. But keeping the stains gone requires a commitment to your oral health.

Other Causes of Teeth Discoloration

As stated earlier, age is a risk factor for tooth discoloration. As you age, you will lose tooth enamel which will cause your teeth to darken. It will also make them more prone to staining.

Certain genetic conditions can cause tooth discoloration. There are also certain medications that can cause tooth discoloration.

Dealing With Tooth Discoloration

Those who have substantial tooth discoloration report that their overall confidence in their appearance is reduced. Many of these folks will go to their local drug store to find over-the-counter remedies such as tooth-whitening toothpaste or strips. These will not produce the same immediate results as the types of treatments that you will find at your dentist. The best-case scenario is that they do remove the stains, but if there is any intrinsic discoloration happening, they won’t do much for that. Some over-the-counter treatments can cause gum irritation or other problems.

If you notice a change in the color of your teeth, and tooth-whitening products don’t at least make it look slightly whiter, then it may be time to talk to your dentist about your tooth discoloration.

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